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A Danish Auction Website

June of 2008, we received an inquiry from an auction company regarding maintenance of their auction website. Their website has been pre-developed by another outsourcing company from India. We were told that they lost support from their previous outsourcing company and their website started to manifest bugs and performance loss. The website’s primary objective is to showcase their ongoing auctions, download an offline mini-auction application, accounting and marketing.

Multinational Advantage
With our company that comprises of Danish, Norweigean, German, Swedish, English and Filipino speaking individuals, we never had any language barrier. We conversed and understood more of their actual requirements by discussing in their common language (Danish). We easily understood their website contents and limited the need for further clarifications. This advantage definitely provided more efficiency and clarifications and further improved our requirements gathering process.

Skills Despite of Lack of Documentation
Upon granting the contract to us we started reviewing the codes. We tried asking for documentation but there were none available. With our senior developers’ skills, we had been able to decipher the codes structure and framework and also pinpoint technical routines that caused performance loss. Upon the span of 3 weeks research and hard work, we are already able to remake a high level documentation and run around comfortably with the existing codes and be able to cater to change requests, do modifications and upgrades.

Continuing Customer Satisfaction through Stability and Fresh Ideas
Up until the present (Jan 2010), we continue to serve this customer. We have provided new design concepts and total website and application overhaul complete with documentations. We have setup high availability load balancing servers and massive recoding using simplistic framework under MVC Architecture and intuitive object oriented programming. We also provided more inventive system ideas and custom applications for them to use to boost their business and limit manual work. It opened more doors to a more fruitful customer and service provider relationship.









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