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E-Business Applications

The internet makes conducting business transactions easier and more efficient. NMG I.T. Outsourcing offers E-business solutions and tools.

E-Business ApplicationsE-business or electronic business maximizes information and communication technology (ICT).This technology is divided into three general forms. Each form focuses on a specific aspect of a company’s workings.

Technological applications for International Business Systems focus on easing a company’s administrative work. NMG I.T. is committed to assisting companies with customer relations management, enterprise resource planning, document management systems, and human resources management. 

NMG I.T. also provides tools for Enterprise Communication and Collaboration. These will help companies with business development, expansions and partnerships. These tools include VoIP, content management system, email, voice mail, web conferencing, and digital work flows (or business process management.) 

Finally, companies can also avail of Electronic Commerce solutions from NMG I.T Outsourcing. These address a company’s needs for business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) electronic commerce. These solutions involve internet shops, supply chain management, online marketing and offline marketing.

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