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Enterprise Resource Planning System
for a World Wide Jewelery Distributor


During the first quarter of 2009 we started developing a web based solution for managing the resource planning requirements of our client. With over 5,000 distributors and resell outlets worldwide, they needed a system capable of managing world wide order processing and automation.

The development of a customized ERP solution required ground up development utilizing PHP and MySQL. The solution needed to be web based with components that interfaced with desktop clients and browsers.

Cloud Based Large Scale Approach

The project consisted of several core factors including a growing worldwide user base, over a million daily transactions, and the need to tie into several legacy system. Realizing the volume of transactions we opted to go with a cloud based solution. Using the built-in cloud scalability options we designed our application to automatically scale from a single server to over 80 concurrent new servers spawned per hour.

Framework Driven Development

Our framework of choice was CodeIgniter. We utilized the Object-relational mapping module for using ActiveRecords giving us the flexibility to move from MySQL to Oracle when the demand seemed acceptable. Using the framework, we were able the steadily progress the growth of the project by using the large number of available libraries. Our other consideration for using CodeIgniter was the proven performance speed and its lightweight yet highly flexibly set of libraries.

Dedication to Performance

One of our main concerns was with performance of a scalable system with a large user base. We developed our own library of code dedicated to increasing performance. We targeted caching issues and live synchronizing databases across multiple servers. The result was a system that was truly scalable without sacrificing speed.

Continuing Client Relations

The client was very impressed with our one year turnaround time from initial talks to submission of the final system. A complete ERP with a huge user base running in different languages across 17 different countries. We continue to develop additional features and provide support and maintenance to our truly cloud scalable ERP.










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