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Open Source Customization

Businesses and companies are never exactly the same. Most computer programs in the market do not completely address a business’s requirements. NMG I.T. Outsourcing provides Open Source Customization to help you get applications and processes that fit your company’s needs.

open sourceIn Open Source Customization, analysts look at a company’s goals, projects and business processes. They later look for the most suitable and affordable software templates. Examples of these software templates include like Joomla, Wordress, Zen Cart and Magento.

Once software templates have been chosen, they will be adjusted and modified by NMG I.T. programmers, software developers and engineers.

Adjustments in Open Source Customization often take place on a software application’s specific functionality. For example, the team can add a special order-taking function to a company’s blog by combining a content management system (CMS) with a Zen Cart application.

The process of Open Source Customization commits NMG I.T. to the evolution of your software applications until they suit your company’s needs exactly.

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