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Staff Outsourcing / Resource Augmentation

Resource augmentation is aimed at companies that require immediate onsite staff. Our staffing expertise include providing software and game developers, database administrators, business analysts, project managers, quality assurance specialists and certified network infrastructure engineers.

Resource Augmentation / Agile Solution Provider

Having experience all in all the Software Development Life Cycle and proven record of on-time project delivery our staff became the most viable option for clients specific need for resources. Moreover, our technical proficiency became the key to effective and proper placement of staff on any defined requirement under web and software development. Having the technical skills gave us the ability to research more in depth on client need and source out the best resource for it.

Reliability, Accountability and Escalation

Outsourcing the staff provided a clearer business to business agreement. Transparent service agreement was provided and accountability among the establishments provided a more solid and reliable relationship. Our company agreed on bonding contracts and guarantees 100% free of charge in cases of need for more suitable staff replacement. Up until today, our company is still successful in providing competent staffs to the client.

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